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Let a workerbridge VIP contractor specialist reserve skilled trade workers for your business today!

When it comes to skilled trade workers, Chicago has a great pool of candidates. However, if you are a busy contractor you know how difficult it can be to find the time to sort through your options.

workerbridge VIP offers hassle-free solutions to your labor needs. Your contractor specialist vets potential candidates, provides bio information and hires upon your approval.  Once a candidate is approved wokerbridge VIP will handle payroll, workmen’s compensation insurance, benefits, and health insurance.


8 benefits of workerbridge VIP
  1. The hiring process is simple
  2. workerbridge VIP finds qualified vetted trade workers and supplies them as needed
  3. workerbridge VIP handles the recruiting process based on the needs of the contractor
  4. The contractor does not have to worry about employing the trade worker
  5. Workerbridge VIP schedules the worker with the contractor
  6. workerbridge VIP handles all the benefits, payroll, payment
  7. workerbridge VIP will check in regarding additional needs
  8. Contractors can use the workerbridge live calendar for FREE


Want to be more hands on? … try workerbridge with Power Recruiter Plus 



Either way, workerbridge will make trade worker recruitment easier for you!


Chicago construction contractors can trust Workerbridge VIP when it comes to your labor staffing needs. Our industrial staffing services provide complete construction staffing solutions for any construction firm – big or small.

Let Workerbridge VIP handle your hiring solutions for you. From sourcing qualified laborers to ensuring they fit with your culture, we do it all. We even handle your payroll, workers compensation and more.

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From posting jobs to scheduling interviews and moving through the hiring process, it is something that construction contractors spend valuable time and dedication. Luckily, with Workerbridge VIP, you can start to take back your time. We streamline the hiring process for you and take care of everything from prospecting and gathering information to finalized hiring with your approval. Once you employ the trade worker from our industrial staffing services Chicago agents take over payroll, workers compensation, benefits and even health insurance. It is the perfect pair for contractors who would rather fully focus on the hands-on labor than worry about HR and administrative work.


Additionally, there are tons of construction laborer jobs in Chicago trade workers are looking for and with our Workerbridge VIP service, we can find you the perfect match. After you have worked with your matched employees for a while, we make sure to check in and see how things are going.

The best part is that since we work with both ends of the relationship, trade workers do not have to worry about aimlessly applying to construction contractors Chicago currently employs. Simply head to our website and join our network, free of cost. Once you sign in, you can fill out your profile and include any specializations and experience that you have in order to excel above your competition. Try our construction staffing solutions risk free today!

There really is no better source for construction contractors in the Chicago area for labor staffing. The industrial staffing services we provide here at Workerbridge VIP are second to none. We are a full service construction staffing solution.

We can simplify your hiring process because we handle it all – screening, interviewing and more. We want to make sure the workers we send your way are not only qualified but fully meet your requirements for staffing.

Simply complete the form above to get started finding your next fully qualified employees.